West Branch

by Brother Earth

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Tom-Erik Løe
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Tom-Erik Løe Great Alternative/Prog/Psychadelia, If only it existed on CD/LP/MC Favorite track: Witch Hunt for Me and Goblin.
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Recorded at Waterloo Sound in Kent Ohio in 2007.


released January 10, 2008

Steve Five: Lyrics & Vocals
Todd Tobias: music & production
guest vocals on "Candles on The Beach" by Bonnie Panovich



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Brother Earth

Brother Earth is vocalist Steve Five and instrumentalist Todd Tobias. Todd is also a solo artist on Hidden Shoal Recordings, and a member of the band Circus Devils (with Robert Pollard of Guided by Voices and brother Tim Tobias). Steve is also the front man of the Brooklyn New York-based power pop band "The Library is On Fire," also found here on bandcamp. Brother Earth began recording in 2008. ... more

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Track Name: Plum Creek
We took a break and watched the river
for the trees it sparkled
We saturday'ed awhile all
out upon the frozen backlawn
of summer's memories
we waddled like some superstar doves
like Saturdays we were so
in the wily witching hours

and you got to me
you got to me so hardcore

So Saturday
So eyes of blue and yellow
So play for keeps
So mortal moment in such eyes so hollow

You got to me
You got to me so hardcore
and there if nothing else was something
that I had to live for
Track Name: Fire Prayer
He yelled to come fast
and we came right away
as the fire trucks passed
with the siren display
shouting nothing will last
and nothing can stay
so this love that we sacrifice and pray
that it will return full circle
but you can't play the nurse
and you can't cross a curse
funny thing is what burns
it never returns
so this love that we sacrifice and pray
that it will return full circle
the green of the past on an overcast day
the absence and memory are the only remains
Track Name: When I Have Fears That I May Cease To Be
When I have fears that I would cease to be
When I would see that blackness slips us away
to watch the waves and find that they cry all the time
I never washed ashore the blackness of the night
Never stirred the waters of the Lethe
Never sighed upon the edge of the tides at night
So when I walked the stone upon the dotted shower
Frozen alone within the empty bower
Searching for the coins in my eyes to cross sides
I caught a glimpse fair creature of an hour
an image wrought by the magic hand of chance
and I could feel the blue in her eyes
Track Name: Witch Hunt for Me and Goblin
Oh the frightened prey
never thought you'd be me
huddled in the attic
standing to be accused
what I not could say
what I not could see you
standing in my way
burning down my lean to
keeping them at bay
mercenary gumshoes
hunting us as witches
pierrot named lulu
gave it all away
got me on the runway
hiding in the kitchen cupboards
can't continue
goblin says to stay
goblin says to run too
goblin clean the kitchen
goblin got the menus
goblin I should pray
goblin that you made me
goblin got away
Track Name: The Friendly Skies
I got a rocket crashing dagger in my pocket
and you can't stop it
You got a problem we won't let you make it happen
We got a plan to take Valhalla from your dreamin
I got a lethal sense of justice in my socket
and you can't stop when you got Allah as your pilot
Oh no
Track Name: Natel
She spent each Saturday afternoon matinee
grew hungry for stardom was a blooming bouquet
she always could tell was too big for this town
packed her bags at 16 headed off for L.A.
where some messy old demon had his business for eyes
and the lonely and hungry were his biggest supplies
and nobody knew and nobody could say
no plasticine body parts shimmering in the rain
and nobody found her no body remained
in this dream in this dream in this dream in this drain
no plasticine body parts shimmerin in the rain
Track Name: Sunny Side of The Street
Oh, red rubber ball come bouncing like a playful cat in my room
come peering through my tangled sheets to wake me
and through the kitchen window as I sit and sip my coffee
The sunny side of the street is where you'll see me
The sunny side of the street is where you know I am today oh yeah yeah
The sunny side of the street's where I'll be walking
And its a pity that the morning cannot last forever
or that the clouds can come to darken down the brighter skies oh yeah yeah
or that the day will always turn into a darker night
or that the summer turns to winter in no time at all but I say
The sunny side of the street is where you'll find me
The sunny side of the street is where you know I am today oh yeah yeah
The sunny side of the street is where you'll find me.
Track Name: Candles On The Beach
The flashes of a ghost thought
like the mercy of a clock stop
comes the memory from the fog
you could hear a pin drop
And everything that you said and everything you didn't it haunts me like a black sleep
Whatever makes you happy
whatever makes you want me
like a crystal on the dark sea
you're the treasure that I can't see
and I hope you will release me
from everything that you said and everything you didn't that haunts me like a black dream
I keep it right beside me
like an angel in the backseat
like candles on the beach
I try to put it past me.